Welcome to Urban Discovery Academy!

As of August 18, 2014, UDA has moved!  Our new address is 730 45th Street, San Diego, CA 92102. 
We believe it is our responsibility as a school to ensure that we make learning meaningful, hands-on, and exciting. We are passionate about students becoming life-long learners and taking ownership of their learning. We use Project Based Learning as a teaching methodology, which means learning through experiences. We believe that students thrive when all of their talents are respected and valued.  
We teach the whole child while still maintaining our rigorous academics. Each student participates in a rich arts program including the visual and performing arts as well as receiving Physical Education four times per week. We believe that our focus on the arts helps children develop the necessary skill set to be creative problem solvers in the 21st Century.
We encourage teachers and students to explore the community around us, by incorporating frequent field trips into the curriculum, allowing our students to have real-world experiences. We aim to help students learn important life-skills such as civility, trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship!
Contact us with any questions or comments: jtaylor@urbansd.com

Thank you!