Counting by 10s
Counting by 10 s
Krys and Kai count by 10's to make counting easier!
 Weather tools  
Science Time with Krys and Kai: Weather Tools
 Solid Shapes  
Solid Shapes (Solid Figures) watch the week of Feb. 9th
Goods and Services Project
Goods and Services Business Project is due Jan. 26th!
Taking a Survey (Tally Chart)  
Taking a Survey (Tally Chart)
Watch Kai take a survey to find out which fruit his friends like the best.
 animal report
Animal Report Project (due by Nov. 20th)
Use the facts your child learned about their animal and help them create a poster to present to the class.  
Fact Families  
Fact Families (watch by Oct. 20)
Learn about fact families with Krys and Kai.
Practice adding adjectives to your sentences with Krys, Kai and special guest Kalea! (watch before Oct. 15)
Adding 3 numbers  
Adding 3 numbers (watch before Oct. 7)
Help Krys and Kai add their groceries. 
Science Investigation  
Science Investigation
This project is due October 10th.  Watch the video for instructions on how to complete this project.
Note: Use a quart size zip lock bag and not a gallon size.
Doubles Rap  
Doubles Rap (watch before Sep. 30)
Learn some math with Krys and Kai!
Book Buddy Bag
Book Buddy Bag Homework (Watch before Sep. 15)
 Addition Problems
Addition Sentences (Watch before Sep. 17)
Help Krys and Kai get ready for Kai's birthday by adding some party items.
Last Modified on March 15, 2015