The Network, teachers, staff and especially the students of UDA would like to thank these families for volunteering their time this year. We know that volunteers are an important part of the UDA community and the time that you put in to make copies for your child’s teacher, man a booth at the Fall Festival, read to the classes in the library, drive students for a field trip, help Ms. O’Grady in the Art Room or add an extra set of eyes during recess help make UDA what it is. We realize that your time is very valuable, but know that every minute that you give is greatly appreciated.  Thank you to the over 240 parents, friends and grandparents that have volunteered over 2,700 hours so far this year! 

We hope that we have included everyone’s name that has helped this year. If we have missed you, please log YOUR HOURS HERE to help us keep track of all the volunteers that help UDA!