Urban Discovery Academy aims to provide students with a high-quality, education that is tailored to individual needs and inspires student inquiry. Using a project-based method of learning, students become critical thinkers and problem-solvers able to thrive in the 21st century. Children have the right to be educated in a safe nurturing environment, in which they are respected as unique individuals, and are challenged to reach their full-potential. Through a triad of support, parents, teachers and students establish a community of learners that encourages exploration and growth.

Our Students
• Utilize their innate curiosity to meet and exceed state-standards
• Develop interpersonal, problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills
• Interact with the urban environment to achieve learning goals and serve the greater community
• Attain the confidence to move beyond what they already know

Our Teachers
• Design a rigorous curriculum that taps into student interest
• Know that all students can succeed in the classroom
• Create a safe, compassionate, disciplined environment, where students feel comfortable to take risks
• Respond to students’ learning-styles and needs to ensure success

Our Community
• Forges a partnership between school and home
• Fosters respect, self-discipline, responsibility, empathy, and benevolence
• Encourages life-long learning and growth