UDA Middle School Behavior Guidelines:


The Four Be’s:


Be on-time and prepared:

Be on-task and responsible:

Behaviors outside of this norm include:

#11 Unprepared/Tardy (see Three Strikes Policy)

#44 Out of Dress Code(see Three Strikes Policy)

#45 Ditching Class

Behaviors outside of this norm include:

#2, 24 Disruption

#3, 25 Disorderly conduct                 

#4, 27 Throwing Objects

#6, 33, 36 Having Prohibited Items

#9 Public Displays of Affection

#21 Misuse of Electronics

#29 Physical Annoyance



Be respectful:

Be kind to one another:

Behaviors outside of this norm include:

#1 Disrespect

#5, 26 Profanity

#7 Littering

#15, 41, 43 Vandalism

#17 Defiance

#22 Cheating

#23 Forgery

#39 Theft


Behaviors outside of this norm include:

#6, 35 Fighting

#10, 16 Teasing

#12, 31 Bullying

#13 Exclusion

#14 Gossip/Rumors

#30, 42 Assault

#32 Discriminatory Behavior

#34, 37, 40 Extortion/Harrassment/Threats++


#1-11, 44 Minor / #12-29, 45 Serious / #30-43 Severe

All “Serious” or “Severe” behaviors can be referred immediately to administration.

Most “Minor” behaviors will be dealt with using the Community Service Policy below.

Community Service Policy:

When a student behavior does not follow the Four Be’s, the teachers will document the event and the student will receive a community service assignment.

·          A slip will be sent home and the student will be required to attend the next Community Service date.

·          Community Service will be held Mondays and Wednesdays afterschool in Ms. Donahue’s room from 3:45 to 4:30PM.

·          Three community service assignments will result in parent and administration involvement. That may result in loss of privilege(s), which can include school dances, field trips, and/or other school activities to be decided on a case-by-case basis by the middle school teachers.


*When students are out of dress code, they will be loaned clothing that is in dress code for the day. Therefore, students will not miss instruction time due to dress code violations.

Last Modified on August 29, 2013