In PE this year we will be approaching a whole child development approach. The students will be learning about their Levels of Responsibility in the class as they pertain to themselves and the other members of the class. The PE curriculum affords the students opportunities to interact with their fellow student in ways that are unique and rewarding. Our mission is to help students begin to take personal responsibility over their responses to various situations.
The above link describes the different levels of responsibility students will be asked to demonstrate in my class. They will receive numerous opportunities to demonstrate these responsibilities throughout the school year and within each class meeting. The levels are in ascending order.
Level 1 Respect: This is the foundation on which all the other levels can grow. This level is essential for a positive learning environment. Students will demonstrate self control, the right to peaceful conflict resolution, and the right to be included. 
Level 2 Participation: This is the next level up but takes a more personal involvement. Students will demonstrate self motivation, exploration of effort and new tasks, and courage when the going gets tough. 
Level 3 Self Direction: This level is also about personal involvement but on a deeper level. Students will demonstrate on task independence, goal setting progression, and courage to resist peer pressure. 
Level 4 Caring: This level contributes to the well being of others. Students will demonstrate caring and compassion, sensitivity and responsiveness, and inner strength. 
 Students who are unable to demonstrate any of the levels will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate growth. Consequences do include a warning, removal from activity, note home as needed. 
Last Modified on September 11, 2013