Event Descriptions

UDA Network General Meetings (2x per year)

These meetings are held once per semester normally after school depending on available space.  The meetings are held at the school and are one place to get information about the school, upcoming events, and volunteer opportunities. 

First Friday Coffee Socials (monthly)

These events are planned and facilitated by the Network Social Chair, and take place usually on the first Friday of every month.  This is a place where parents can get together to socialize and network.

Classroom Family Socials-One per Semester

These events are sponsored and organized by each classroom Social ChairThis parent will organize an event (pizza party, brunch, ice cream social, etc.) with the support of the teacher and room parent.  The purpose of these socials is to give the families a chance to interact in a non-school setting.  There is a minimum of 1 per trimester.  They are not to be scheduled the same week as any other school events. 

Performing Arts Night-One per Semester

These events happen once per trimester to showcase the children’s hard work in performing arts. The night is divided in to two plays performed by students and directed by CYT. Performing Arts Night is traditionally held at Mission Bay High School.

Various Restaurant Fundraisers (monthly)
These take place at different times of the month depending on the fundraiser.  Past fundraisers have included: Jamba Juice (on campus), Which Wich, Dafne's California Greek Cuisine, Rubios, Mountain Mikes, and La Jolla Brewing Company.  A great place to have a meal and possibly run into other UDA families!  Or order take-out for an easy way to contribute to UDA.
Fall Festival-Network Fundraiser

Each classroom has a game or “booth” that will be organized by the room parent and the four members of the fall festival committee.  Examples of games/booths include ring toss, bean bag toss, cupcake walk, face painting, etc.  There will be a variety of vendors selling dinner and other food and drinks.  Tickets for games and refreshments will be available for purchase at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Many volunteer opportunities will be available for this event. 


Jog-a-thon-School Fundraiser

Each student is encouraged to solicit donations per lap that he/she will run. Many volunteers will be needed for this event. 


Geography Bee
This event happens during school hours where children in grades 4 through 8 compete against each other by answering various Geography questions provided by the County Office of Education. 
Skate Night-Network Fundraiser

This event is held at Skate World in Linda Vista.  This is a no-teacher event.  The Network rents the venue for the evening so it is only our school that is there.  This was one of our most popular events last year. 


Spelling Bee

This event is sponsored by the County Office of Education.  All grades compete against each other, and there is a winner at each grade level and one overall winner.  The overall winner (7th grade and up) proceeds to the County Office of Education to compete against other schools.  The winner of that competition goes to the state competition and then the national competition. 

Art Night-Network Fundraiser

This event is usually held around Valentine’s Day.  There is an art contest that precedes the event and the winners will be on display.  There is an art exhibition of your children’s artwork showcasing various artists in the theme of the night as well as a variety of art lessons and activities; each activity will cost a nominal amount for which tickets will be necessary.  Tickets will be on sale starting 2 weeks prior to the event.  There will be a variety of vendors selling dinner and other types of food.  Lots of volunteer opportunities will be available. 

Science Fair

This is generally held in March, and is an optional activity for students. Every student that wishes to participate organizes and performs a science fair project of their choosing.  Projects are judged and awards are given out, based on the student's grade level.  Projects are to be completed at home. 

Spring Gala-Network Fundraiser

This event is usually held in late May/early June.  The planning for this event begins at the beginning of the school year. Parents and staff spend months soliciting donations from businesses and the community to use at the event for fundraising purposes.  Each classroom picks a theme (Movie, Board Games, Wine and Cheese, Garden, etc.) and families donate items to create a basket for the Silent Auction held at the Spring Gala.  The Spring Gala is a adult only event held on a Saturday evening.  There is a silent and live auction, music, as well as food and drinks.  This money generated for this event is used for our P.E., Art, Performing Arts, and Spanish programs as well as upgrades to technology. 

Field Day

This event is usually the week before school ends.  It is organized by the PE instructors.  School Families compete with each other in a variety of physical activities.  Following the competition, there is a 8th Grade vs. Staff kickball game.  This event requires a lot of parent participation.