• ABC Countdown!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 6/4/2015
    We have been having an absolute blast counting down to the end of the school year!  And good thing, because I am trying to soak up every last bit of fun before I have to say goodbye to these munchkins. 
    The anticipation, the excitement, the teamwork, and the fun!
     matter trip matter trip matter trip matter trip ice cream
    But these kinders are super heroes everyday! (Thank you Nicole and Grandma Rebecca for the beautiful handmade capes!  We LOVE them!)
     super kids! super kids! super kids! super kids! super kids!
    Nothing better than learning by doing!  THe students are measuring the weight of different class objects this week!
    pan balance pan balance  
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  • Spring Is Here!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 4/22/2015
    Quick Flashback . . . . Jump Rope for Hearts was a blast!
    jump rope jump rope jump rope jump rope jump rope jump rope jump rope  jump rope
    Spring Time Fun:  Here is a peek at our fun reading, math, and Old Town visit!
    Shake Up shake up Pointer finger silent e silent e subtraction cheerios old town old town old town old town old town old town old town old town old town old town old town
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  • Fabulous February Fun!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 2/12/2015
    I am happy to report that we finally have new photos!  Hooray!  Take a peek at some of our fun festivities.  February is full of celebrations. And hopefully I will clear up the data on my iPhone so I can take more fun pictures on the fly.  :)
     100th Day!
    This was a major achievement!  From the minute they entered through the streamer curtain they were bursting with excitement.  We counted one hundred snacks, stamped to 100, wrote about being 100, and shared our special 100 shirts and bags.  All the while, giving it 100%!!!  (I also gave you a little peek on some pop art happening with Ms. O'Grady.  You can see more at the upcoming Art Festival!)
     100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
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  • Fall Fun!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 11/15/2014
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  • Kinder Halloween!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 10/31/2014

    Check out their final bat writing!
     batty batty batty
    {Number Sorting}
    We are learning numbers in every way - words, ten frames, and dice dots.
    numberid numberid numberid  
    {Spooky Sticker Stories}
    The kids became super illustrators!  They selected stickers and then drew a detailed setting.  Next, they became authors and wrote wonderful sentences to describe their pictures.  They were excited when they found out that this would be their new writing center for the week.
     stickers stickers stickers stickers
    Oh what fun it is to see the kids in their costumes!  They LOVED showing off their character, walking the costume runway, and making their monster mix.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see you at the Fall Festival!
     hall hall hall hall
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  • Happy Fall, Ya'll!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 10/23/2014
    Fall is always fun when it can be celebrated with 18 colorful kinders!  We have been having so much fun, from the pumpkin patch to the bat explorations.  Happy Fall!
    {Bates Nut Farm}
    The pumpkin patch did not disappoint.  The kids were SO excited to embark upon their very first kinder field trip.  Literally, bursting with excitement!  And still managed to behave fabulously and overflow the warm fuzzy bucket.  Thank you to those of you who were able to join us and if you couldn't, check out the fun below.  Also, don't forget to check out any pictures posted on the Class Shutterfly.  
     bates bates bates bates bates
    {Pajama Day}
    After overflowing the bucket with warm fuzzies, they earned a pajama party day . . . dare I say, the cutest day ever?!
    {Small Groups Working Hard}
     The kids are working hard in their centers this week.  In the writing center they are working on letter formation and fun story mats!   They LOVE the No David ones and the animal mats!  In the ABC Center they are playing alphabet bingo.  They think its just a fun game but I know they are solidifying their letter identification.  :)  And in the Library Center they switched to non-fiction books and are illustrating 4 fun facts from their animal book. 
     bingo nflib nflib writctr writctr
    This week is all about bats!  We are reading, labeling, writing about, and illustrating bats.  We were lucky to get to observe a real bat skeleton as we labeled the parts of a bat.  Thank you to Adrienne (Ethan's mom) for bringing in the bat skeleton.  And then we wrote our very first non-fiction piece!  The guided writing process went fabulously.  First we read and wrote about bats.  Then, we used our graphic organizers to write sentences about bats.  Their graphic organizer was a helpful tool to help them put their words together to write a statement that makes sense.  The cherry on top was their beautiful illustrations!  Feel free to come in and check them out on our writing wall!
     batskeleton batwrit batwrit batwrit batwrit
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  • Pumpkin Fun!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 10/16/2014
     This week has been all about pumpkins.  Students are counting pumpkins in their math center, forming the pumpkin life cycle, writing a description of pumpkins, and listening to read alouds all about, you guessed it, pumpkins!  (Don't worry, next week we'll switch to bats.)  But for now, we are so excited to celebrate the pumpkins of fall and our pumpkin picking field trip tomorrow.
    {Building Numbers}
    What better way to learn about numbers than building them?  We practiced with our ten frames and now students are using them independently in their math center.  With cute pumpkins of course.  :)
    tenframes tenframes
    {Pumpkin Jack}
    After reading the sad but wonderful story of Pumpkin Jack, students made their own pumpkin life cycles.
    {Descriptive Writing}
    Can you see those finger spaces?  Yes!  They wrote two words to describe their own pumpkin.  And check out that phonetic spelling!
    What better way to learn our ordinals than to act it out?
    ordinals ordinals
    {Roll and Write}
    This week the kiddos also practiced their sight words by rolling, singing, tracing, and writing them.  I LOVE the differentiation cubes!  Thank you Heather!  
    {MAP Testing}
    This is how the MAP testing has been looking.  These cuties are trying their best to answer the reading and math questions on the computer with Dr. Murray.  We will have it all wrapped up by next week.  Phew!
    map map  
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  • Coconuts About Kinder!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 10/9/2014
    {Chicka Chicka Boom Boom!}
    We had a blast during our week of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  We even used our science and math skills to observe real coconut. It was definitely interesting to see some of the faces as they tried coconut two ways:  coconut water and coconut strips.  It was like a whole little tasting.  We then recorded our observations.  I was surprised that for the first time ever, more students liked coconuts!  Also, don't miss a peek at our name coconut trees in the window!
    chicka chicka chicka  chicka chicka chicka
     {Pointer Fingers}
    We are always reading in the classroom.  When you read at home, don't forget to remind your little one to point at the word with their finger.  This will help them track left to right and top to bottom.  We love using our spooky witch pointer fingers in groups.  
    Reading reading
     {Shout out to Coach Spy . . . }
     . . . Because it was her birthday week and she rocks P.E. everyday!  This week the students practiced coordination, teamwork, and following directions when they got to use the parachute.  They loved going inside the dome and then playing the switch game.
    para  para para para para
    {No _________!}
    Last week we  wrote our own versions of No, David!  They practiced illustrating them selves in the David Shannon style - we talked about the shapes we use for bodies, the black outline, and using colors that make sense.  Then they wrote about something they hear a lot.  There were a lot of "No going outside!" and "No running in the sprinklers!"  They were then challenged to sound out their words and use finger spaces.  Their phonetic spelling was on point!  So proud of their progress in writing.  And so excited to see them grow as writers. 
     no no no
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  • Super Students!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 10/1/2014
    {Mystery Egg}
    We had fun in science learning about the science tools the best way we know how . . . by using them!  The students were given a mystery egg and a question:  Is it real?  What is it?  They then rotated to different centers and observed it using a magnifying glass, a balance pan, a ruler, magnet wands, and of course, their good old senses.  At the end, some students thought it was a real egg but most did not.  It was soap!  We learned that scientists rely heavily on their senses and tools to make good observations.  And it was fun to measure other stuff too.  Its always an exciting realization to discover that the chairs are magnetic!
    science science science science  
    {Mystical Math}
    You know what makes it more fun to show as many as, less than, or fewer?  Mystical ponies!  My dollar find turned out to be a big hit and the kiddos even proudly showed off their sorting skills during recess.  
     ponies ponies
    {Our First Picture Day}
    We just had to have a class photo shoot on Picture Day.  You can check out our picture perfect smiles, our silly faces, and our super star pose.  Getting the whole gang ready for a picture at the same time . . . still working on it.  :)
     pictures funny super star
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  • We're Rocking in Our Learning Centers!

    Posted by Jackie Lopez at 9/25/2014
    Just like Pete the Cat, we are rockin' at school!  From science centers to morning learning centers, this week has been a blast.  Check out the fun learning!
    {Letter School}
    We LOVE Letter School!  Students get to lead the class by tracing the letters on the iPad app while students follow along on their whiteboards.  
     learning learning learning
    {Book Buddies}
    Every Friday we will get together with Ms. Sousa's 2nd graders for book buddy time.  This is a special time when students meet up with the same buddy to read or work on a fun project. It is always pretty awesome for a kinder to have a 2nd grade friend and it was great to see them already making fast friends!
     learning learning
    {Using Our Five Senses}
    What better way to learn about our five senses than by using them?  After discussing the senses with a sort the students then rotated to different observation stations.  At each stations they were challenged to use a single sense and record their observations.  We literally stopped to smell the roses!  :)  They also tasted goldfish, touched feathers, used magnifying glasses to look at our fish, and heard their voice magnified in our speech phones.  (Some friends whisper sang "Let it Go.")
     learning learning learning learning learning
    {Morning Centers}
    I cannot believe how quickly they have been successful with their centers!  They are SO engaged in their small group activities.  Whether is be the writing center or the math center they are ready to learn!  They also LOVE reading with a forest animal in the library or forming letters with playdough in the ABC center. 
     learning learning learning learning learning
    Thanks for taking a peek at our week!
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